What Fresh Hell Is This? : The Return Of The Shag Carpet

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”–Edmund Burke

After decades of being relegated to cheap motel rooms or low rent furnished 1a18bc56ef9185beb2c7a1f4835e6671 b2fcb033c74e3d2ec1e3743d0fab7a3eflats with avocado or harvest gold applianced kitchens , the shag rag is back. This relic of our Mad Menc61a0e804faecb58f07b02f92072b489 era youth, (along with cheap, tipsy arc lamp knockoffs), is seriously in style now, as is everything mid-century including the Greek version aka the Flokatib17284e2f4e82d06964be112162ce91c-1 ea4bb75ecf3c17609be7cebef08c5f75 rug. Yes, shags are soft underfoot and have a go-go 60’s cool that seems inviting in the beginning. But here’s the dirty secret and it is truly dirty.  You can not clean a shag rug. No vacuum invented in the decades 9ff9d197886f868c9ba032dea2a8dd1dsince the Summer Of Love can6c1bf10056ea28e50d301fde5b368757f628d750fe82e9d11d9530a5646c4862 sanitize all that deep pile. We used rug rakes then,  but they really didn’t work. Pet hair, cracker crumbs?  Forget it. Literally.  The schmutz is forever when you go shag. You’ll see.


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