Mad Men Season Six : The 60’s Didn’t Look Like This

7d449475c9158695ae4644cb39e574aemad-men-4I know it’s not fair to compare anyone to Catherine Deneuve, f0e70fa79d907da02cf8592b20c9764f 455f0c82bf554ef211b1ca02eeaea8dd 6e97299742e906b473aa2c34e58c9080Julie Christie73e18f1c93329c5eedc362aeb826368008bba46e8d34c25328ad34ba42262125 or Bardot, but I can’t help it. This is 0c232215d32110351c8ed6b9f99e4a95what the best of the sixties looked like. So far this season, Mad Men has missed the mark with stiff helmet hair and dowdypeggy_mad_men_amc_img , frumpy clothes for everyone but Megan. 1960’s hair was long and loose; clothes were very young and very short.


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