Who Knew? Canadian Study Says Tylenol Tackles Emotional Pain and Anxiety

Take two Tylenol and don’t call the doc who prescribes your anti-anxiety meds in the morning. A new Canadian study attributes  tranquilizing side effects to the popular OTC pain reliever acetaminophen1747259. Researchers found  that physical  pain and emotional, existential pain happen in the same part of the brain. A David Lynch movie, Rabbits,  was one of the creepy stressors studied.

Via NY Observer:

“Crippled by anxiety produced by the realization that, quite simply, your youth is fleeting? Paralyzed by your desire to sit in a dark room, chain smoking e-cigarettes and listening to Saves the Day on your first-gen iPod? Think the (emo) Skype emoticon really just gets you? Cheer up! Science has found a solution: just take a damn Tylenol.

According to CTV News, a recent study conducted by the University of British Columbia found that acetaminophen, the active ingredient found in Tylenol, can help quell anxiety and the “feelings that we get when we feel uncertain or we feel a lack of purpose or confused.” Furthermore, Tylenol can help “block social rejection.” You hear that, foreveralones?

Everyone at Thought Catalog take two Tylenol and call us in the morning.”–NY Observer



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