The John Elgin Woolf Hollywood Regency Home of Sue Mengers

Hollywood Regency Architect John Woolf

Hollywood Regency
Architect John Woolf

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Bette Midler as Sue Mengers

Bette Midler as Sue Mengers

Bette Midler plays Sue Mengers  in the one-woman show
“I’ll Eat You First”, opening on Broadway April 24.

The famously brash super agent was a close pal of Midler’s
and looked very much like a shorter, stouter and more sedentary Rachel Zoe. Her parties were legendary as was her John Woolf
home designed  in 1959.

“The Hollywood Regency house, built in 1959, is a showcase of John Elgin Woolf’s signature styleSueMengers_PICS3 SueMengers_PICS4-1 SueMengers_PICS2. Centered on a rounded portico with Greek revival columns, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home features an open living room with a fireplace, high ceilings and French doors that open to an oval pool. The 4,434-square-foot house sits on nearly half an acre.”–Curbed LA

“According to his NY Times obituary, Robert and John Woolf “established a new vocabulary for glamorous movie-star living; they synthesized 19th-century French, Greek Revival and Modernist touches into a heady mixture that has since been christened Hollywood Regency, which foreshadowed aspects of postmodernism.”-Vanity Fair

John Elgin Woolf Old Hollywood Homes:

• Cary Grant, 9966 Beverly Grove Drive, Los Angeles.
• Errol Flynn, 7740 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles.
• Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland, 8850 Evanview Drive, Los Angeles.
• Barbara Stanwyck, 273 South Glen Boulevard, Los Angeles.
• Ira and Leonore Gershwin, 1021 North Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills.
• Fanny Brice, 312 North Faring Road, Los Angeles.
• Bob Hope, 10346 Moorpark Street, North Hollywood.
• Agnes Moorehead, 1023 North Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills.
• Ronald Colman, 1003 Summit Drive, Beverly Hills.
• Charles Feldman and Jean Howard, 2000 Coldwater Canyon, Los Angeles.
• Lillian Gish, Trancas Beach, Malibu.
• Mervyn LeRoy, 332 St. Cloud Road, Bel Air.
• Paul Lynde, 103 Robin Drive, Los Angeles.
• Ray Milland, 10664 Bellagio Road, Los Angeles.
• Ricardo and Georgiana Montalban, 9256 Robin Drive, Los Angeles.
• Loretta Young, 8313 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles.
• Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, 9191 St. Ives Drive, Beverly Hills.


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