Matt Weiner Was 3 Years Old In 1968 And It Shows; Vintage Joe Namath

There are reasons why someone doesn’t  remember the 1960’s. Too many boogie nights with a bong and other mind-expanding pleasures are just one excuse for such cultural amnesia  And then there is Matt Weiner who  was likely a  toilet-training toddler when Broadway Joetumblr_lupyvqBNHt1qef7o0o1_500 broadway-joe-namath-1 joe-namath Broadway Joe Namath first owned New York. In episode 3,  references to the tumultuous times are forced and expository–Roger makes a  quick crack about Nixon; Don claims to be a “writer who’s against the war”.  There is little political passion (as in none)  and more creepy sex. I’m not quite sure where the narrative is going but I fear it may be to Plato’s Retreat– (a New York swinger’s  sex club of the era).


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