Bravo TV’s ‘Married To Medicine’ And The Creepiest Cat Fight Ever

23MARRIED-articleLarge married_to_medicine_a_l

The poolside cat fight on Bravo’s new reality series Married to Medicine is this season’s version of  NJ Housewife Theresa Giudice’s table-flipping tantrum a few years back.

Once again, over-accessorized women who live in over-decorated McMansions bait each other for the camera and the Neilson’s . Female treachery is not pretty but seems to be a cliche-ridden crowd pleaser.  On Bravo, dinner parties and vacations  always dissolve into chardonnay-fueled “she said/she said” shouting matches over imagined insults and gossip gone viral. Andy Cohen must be thrilled with his newest women acting badly hit but some of us still get uncomfortable over these increasingly negative portrayals of women who I suspect share the same stylist and plastic surgeon. (Do you know anyone who visits a girl friend dressed in sky-high heels, huge earrings and hair extensions?)  pawn_stars_cast Duck_Dynasty_PromoTime to switch the channel and watch the Pawn Stars in their cheap black tee shirts actually enjoy life,  each other and their good fortune. Ditto for the  Duck Dynasty clan. Despite their lack of designer clothes and pretensions, these folks likely have more money than the various “housewives”. They certainly have more class.


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