“Don’t Forget To Pay The Lady!” : Storage Wars Cuts The Dobsons And Darrel Sheets


Barry Weiss


Auctioneers Dan And Laura Dotson


Darryl Sheets

Are  Dan and Laura and Darrel going,going gone forever or just temporarily in storage in  the fallout from Dave Hester’s accusations of rigged auctions (and expense account boob jobs) on the A & E hit Storage Wars?

This via Radar Online: “Storage Wars drops 3 cast members in the wake of the Dave Hester lawsuit. On May 1, Radar Online reported that Darrell Sheets and auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson have been cut back from the newest season. Some fans of the show believe that Hester’s lawsuit filing caused producers to kick him off the show and to “punish” others who have been staples on the show as well.

“In the aftermath of Dave Hester filing a lawsuit against the A&E network and the production company, at least three familiar faces have now been cut back on the hit show,” Radar Online reports.

“Storage Wars” drops 3 either because of money or some other reason unknown to the public. Basically, sources say that the powers that be are trying to cut back on money so they are going after some of the highest paid cast members and cutting them out of episodes (most reality TV stars get paid per episode). For some, this is very unacceptable. Examiner reported

“They make good money and they need the money. Suddenly the show just told them, ‘We don’t need you for this episode,” a source said referring directly to Dan and Laura Dotson.

“Storage Wars” drops 3 after Hester’s claims that the show is “fake.” It is unknown if these cast cuts are directly related to his claims and the lawsuit or if it’s all just coincidental.”–Radar Online


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