Baselworld: With A New Look, The Annual Watch Fair Tries To Make Up For Lost Time

06basel-pask-slide-CRRE-jumbo06basel-pask-slide-38J3-jumbo06basel-pask-slide-GEE0-jumbo06basel-pask-slide-EOHV-jumbo Banner_Cintre_Curvex_EN RONALDO-INSIDE-NEWS b16340324c56010580a7a474316ac05b 1733033dc3c4ec1b9141f2ad88fdeb79A rich guy’s arm candy used to include a trophy wife or significant other and an equally showy and expensive watch. But now that mobile devices have made expensive cameras and status-y watches old school,  watchmakers are re-booting their marketing in showy, modern ways. A recent survey found that 91% of adults  use a cell phone compared to 86% who wear a watch.

Via The New York Times:

“Even Baselworld, the annual watch fair in Basel, Switzerland, got a e388566acdfd1e32d98adf37b40e36b7face-lift this year, care of Herzog and De Meuron, the local architecture firm best known for creating the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and converting a London power station into the Tate Modern in 2000; the firm completed its three-year transformation of the vast exhibition space just in time for the show, which concluded last week. The building’s exterior is now clad in a woven skin of undulating, interconnected bands of aluminum, while its interior is more open and easily maneuverable. Many exhibitors got in the spirit, hiring star designers to redesign their booths.”–NY Times


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