Don Draper’s Grecian Formula Hair Dye; Infantile Oreo Commercial

If you needed proof that the ageist ad biz needs adult supervision, take a gander at this 90 second video for Oreo cookies that aired during last nights Mad Men episode. If you were a child in 1985, maybe there is some nostalgic resonance  here, but for everyone else? It’s ninety saccharine seconds that makes me want to do an Elvis and shoot my TV. It also leaves  me feeling very grateful that 60 second (or longer) spots went out the Mad Men Era. A slinky and gorgeous Christina Hendricks touting Johnny Walker makes perfect ,sophisticated sense for a show that’s often about booze and sex, not Oreo cookies  and milk.

And then there’s 600Jon Hamm’s hair. Did someone overdose on the Grecian Formula or it’s more modern iteration, Just For Men?  Yes, his character is getting darker but I don’t think the too-dark, shoe polish hair is intentional. Maybe it is.

Via Spin:

Owl City’s Sickly Sweet Oreo Commercial May Cause Gag Reflex

“During last night’s episode of Mad Men, a 90-second animated commercial aired touting the “wonderfilled” nature of Oreo cookies. The storyline of the commercial was straight out of Laura Numeroff and Felicio Bond’s classic 1985 children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and the series it launched. The music — bouncy, whispery synth pop with glockenspiel or xylophone — sounded like the Postal Service and the Boy Least Likely To if both of those beloved, sweetness-inclined groups were as cartoonishly cutesy as their detractors must imagine.
But what’s remarkable about Owl City’s jingle isn’t that it exists. It’s that it’s so terrible, and keeps getting more terrible as it goes along. The Big Bad Wolf bringing the Three Little Pigs “cool stuff / To decorate the deck” is one thing, even if accompanied visually by (of course) Polaroids. Still, it gets worse: Young sings that “Creme does wondrous things / Inside a chocolate sandwich dream,” and then imagines great white sharks sharing the cookies with baby seals.”–Spin

One thought on “Don Draper’s Grecian Formula Hair Dye; Infantile Oreo Commercial

  1. Except for the car commercials, I find the commercials on Mad Men to be consistently tacky, dated and amazingly cheaply produced. And I’m always surprised. One ad, shown over and over each week, to my astonishment, is for The Dish, featuring among other beauties, a man on the toilet. Oreos, at this point, seem like the least of it.

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