Is Obama The New Nixon?: A Rush To Judgment In The Age Of Photoshop

Obama-NixonEvery Conservative pundit and “I told you so” friend is gleefully weighing in on this one. So is the mainstream media, thanks to revelations about IRS hi-jinks  and AP phone call snooping  that have a retro, Tricky Dick flair. The stories are breaking  as we write  and hopefully won’t take a turn into Watergate territory with a drunk and despondent Prez talking to the portraits on the White House walls. Meanwhile, the inevitable Nixon/Obama Photoshop Mash-up is going viral.

The real $T2eC16FHJHQE9nzEyHGcBQvTw9doM!~~60_57 961 richard-nixon-by-norman-rockwellNixon always made you want to take a shower, so a rubber shower head Nixon Nozzle was inevitable during his reign. Thanks to the wonders of eBay, you too can own one for $50 bucks.


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