Michelle Obama Retires Her ‘Mid-Life Crisis” Bangs; Armani Thinks Italian Brands Should Only Show in Milan; The DIY Vara Flat at Ferragamo

That didn’t take long. FLOTUS has swept her headline-making bangs aside. a_4x-horizontal-1

And WWD is reporting that  Giorgio Armani thinks that designs made in Italy should be shown in Italy. Exclusively in Italy.

Giorgio Armani recently turned down an invitation from Italy’s Chamber of Fashion to become an official member in efforts to revitalize Milan Fashion Week, WWD reports, but his decision was just “for now.” Armani clarified that he is still onboard with the chamber’s mission, but offered up another solution instead: win back strong Italian fashion brands that have gone off to show in other countries to show exclusively in Milan.

“I realize that this would mean for some brands to review their company policies and to also accept some compromises, the same compromises or sacrifices that I have made so that the shows would last six days,” Armani states in WWD. “I have always believed that it was important to avoid being conditioned or pressured from abroad in the organization of our calendar. If maisons such as Gucci and Fendi, now owned by French groups, maintain their shows in Milan, it is a contradiction … not all Italian brands wouldn’t do the same.”

In short, Giorgio misses his luxe Italian brethren that crossed over to the dark side and wants them to return to their homeland — for Milan Fashion Week, for “Italian creativity,” and finito. Or something like that.”– via New York Magazine

vara-ina_0001_homeIt won’t 9cda7fdfb2421233676062a03b14e1d4 more-2 varina_561048_00_cart varina_548161_00_cart home-field-1-1 replace the Chanel ballet flat as the comfy go to shoe when towering heels are too painful, but Ferragamo is giving it a competitive go. Now, you can Design Your Own Vara Flat. For 35 years The Vara  been a somewhat dowdy Granny fave, but when tweaked and twisted with your own preferences, the bow-tied icon can look surprising young and cool. The shoe takes 7-9 weeks to build and options  include your choice of hardware color–gold,silver or rose gold. Design it on line for $550.


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