Botox At The Beach: Dermatologists And Fresh Direct Deliver To The Hamptons

When the Botox and filler crowd head to the Hamptons, can an enterprising dermatologist be far behind?  Here, seaside skin tips from celebrity doc Dr. Neil Sadick who does make house calls. The 1% call it concierge medicine.

Dr. Sadick Debuts At-Home Skin Services

Doctors making house calls may conjure up images of yesteryear, but dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick’s new-this-summer concierge services out East are quite the opposite. Offerings from the acclaimed New York City-based skin guru range from basic sunburn checks to Botox and laser treatments. Below, Dr. Sadick gives us the scoop on his at-home visits, summer skincare tips, and Hamptons favorites.

Which of your treatments that you offer do you think will be the most popular for summer?
DR. NEIL SADICK: I think the most popular ones will be Botox and fillers. Also, something called Clear and Brilliant, which is a very low energy fractional laser, and just treating people for sun reactions, bad sunburns, or reactions to organisms and plants that are in the water.

What do you think is the benefit of having at-home versus in-clinic treatments?
NS: We have so many very high-profile patients who prefer to have these treatments in the privacy of their own home, and last year we had a number of patients who wanted us to come see them at home. The Hamptons home calls will be very customized…there will be a lot of time spent with patients to ensure they have the ultimate concierge service.

Cellulite is always a big concern in the summer. What treatments do you offer for that? 
NS: Our preferred treatments for cellulite are either the Venus Freeze or the VelaShape, or Cellactor, which is a new technology using acoustic waves we’re working with.

Any simple summer skincare tips that people may not already know?
NS: If you get too much sun and your skin turns red, put a cold soymilk compress on it—this will help the redness and burn.

What skincare would you suggest for summer?
NS: The Park Avenue Prescription from the Sadick Dermatology Group line. For anybody that needs the products quickly, they can be ordered online and even sent overnight; the nighttime rejuvenation cream is really excellent for redness and sunburns and the morning protection product has high potency antioxidants and excellent sunscreen in it.

Describe your perfect day out in the Hamptons.
NS: Getting up in the morning and taking a run, then a bike ride, having some egg whites, and going to see a few concierge patients. Then, lunch with friends, out to the beach with surfing or some beach volleyball, watching the sun set, maybe reading a great book, and having a nice gourmet dinner.

The poshest  city buildings fd_logo_onnow offer  air-conditioned “Fresh Direct” rooms for stashing your order spoil-free as a must-have amenity. The online grocer kicks off its season in the Hamptons with free delivery on Thursday May 23 though I can’t imagine that saving $5.95 is a big deal for the botox-to-go million dollar mansion set.

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