Nicole Bobs Her Hair: Kidman’s Sexy New Jimmy Choo Film

Wow! The redheadarticle-0-1A9A211F000005DC-446_634x347-1 article-0-1A9A215B000005DC-658_634x351-1 article-0-1A9A216F000005DC-29_634x356-1 article-0-1A9A2138000005DC-818_634x370-1 article-0-1A9AC6CA000005DC-640_634x818-1 article-2352658-1A9A2133000005DC-509_634x547-1 article-2352658-1A9A2143000005DC-855_634x429 is back with a hot new do (or is it a wig)? This could be the best she’s ever looked with amazing Choos, sun specs and sultry attitude to match. Expect to see more ginger bobs as I suspect this retro, just messy-enough look will trend big time.



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