Must-Miss TV: Bravo’s ‘Property Envy’ Talk Show


Jeff Lewis


Candice Olson


David Bromstad

What was Andy Cohen & company smoking or drinking  when they gave the green light to this snore of a show? Over-priced, over-designed real estate has become such a boring programming cliche that I long for HGTV in its Candice Olsen / David Bromstad glory days. How about news the rest of us can use? I have no desire to transform my apartment into a Moorish palace. Do you?

The show’s premise is as minimalist an appeal to home-related advertisers as it gets: Three panelists and a a host comment on the decor (and guess the listing price) of three  multi-million dollar properties. property-envy

I wonder if Jeff Lewis’ snarky star power can save this one. But he’s back,  both on ‘Interior Therapy”

now and for Season 7 of Flipping Out.


“Property Envy is an all-new 30 minute panel talk show hosted by Stephen Collins with passionate property expert Jeff Lewis, prominent interior designer Mary McDonald, and Chicago-based real estate guru Brandie Malay breaking down the world of luxury real estate, cutting-edge home technology and trendsetting décor. The world’s most exclusive and expensive homes throw open their doors as every week the design obsessed host and esteemed panelists dive into everything from one-of-a-kind cultural landmarks to $45 million dollar houses and everything in between.”


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