The High Geezer Style of George H. W. Bush, Sock Man

Kudos to 41 for showing IhXhzRvus how it’s done. He can no longer walk but keeps rocking those  crazy socks  . Obviously his fashion filter came off a long time ago, and his colorful hosiery is a late-life version of the pink pants men of his class wore at the club.

The 89-year-old George H.W. Bush, who just a few years ago parachuted out of an airplane, is no longer able to stand and spoke less than a minute at the White House Monday. But the 41st president still showed his george-hw-bush-41-socks-presidents g7VJyNBspark Barack Obama, George H. W. Bushwith the colorful socks that are becoming his trademark and the barbs he traded with his son, Neil, chairman of the Points of Light organization. Bush simply thanked the Obamas for their hospitality and then turned the floor to Neil by telling him, “Keep it short.”

“He may not be parachuting any more, but he’s taken up a new hobby and that is he’s trying to be a style setter,” Neil teased, pointing out his father’s red-and-white striped socks. “GQ man, we’re calling him, instead of 41.”


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