YSL’s Neo-Grunge: The Highest-Priced Hipster Shirt On Earth

Is it possible to be more ENC?  Emperor’s New Clothes, that is. Presenting the $2,990 plaid ba3fe096bcb81a90006f5a2bc1268520flannel shirt from Yves Saint Laurent.
Bergdorf’s bills it as Punk-Grunge. I’m still in shock and in awe
of the hubris it takes to charge nearly $3,000 for this shapeless bit of non-design meant to be worn over a little, black, equally over-priced dress ($2,990).

BGB29N6_mxDefinitely for the “I only donate, but never shop at the thrift shop”  crowd. Everyone else can duplicate the look for under $50 at their local Goodwill.


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