Hello Kitty: NYC Shuts Subway To Rescue Two Kittens

a8fa9c4a1b4ce51d3b0f6a7067008754 9225288_600x338 9223870_600x338Feel-good stories about the NYC Subway are rare and this one is as good as it gets. The fortunate felines, newly named August and Arthur,  are currently in a Brooklyn shelter and will be put up for adoption.

Via NY Daily News:

“Two kittens that shut down a New York City subway line for more than an hour have been found and rescued from the tracks.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Julie Glave says the kittens were discovered Thursday evening under the third rail of an above-ground express track in Brooklyn.

Glave says MTA workers and police officers removed the kittens in crates.

Earlier Thursday transit officials cut power to the B and Q lines in Brooklyn for more than an hour after reports the kittens were on the loose in the subway system.

Transit workers were dispatched onto the tracks to try to corral the kittens. And the kittens’ owner even tried using food to try to coax them out.”–NY Daily News


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