National Cheeseburger Day ; The Elvis American Diner

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Yesterday was National Cheeseburger Day  and Google rewarded my search for pics of 1956_june_30_jefferson_hotelElvis enjoying a big one with news that  Presley culture has iretro-diners retro-diners-1nspired a chain of international diners. Here’s their spiel. Look for one rocking your town if you liveElvisEatingPBNSan Segregated-Lunch-Counter-Elvis-Presley-13 in Eastern Europe or the Middle East. The rest of us have to settle for Five Guys.

ELVIS American Diner (EAD) is a dynamic restaurant chain, implemented in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. We boast a unique restaurant concept featuring upscale food court dining experience in a designed and sleek environment under the legendary thematic of Elvis Presley®. The model of Elvis Presley® legacy is presented through the decor, artwork, food and music providing an overall “feel” of oldies American culture.

Furthermore, EAD INTERNATIONAL owns officially and exclusively an operating license for the exploitation of restaurants under the trademark of EAD ELVIS American Diner™, this license has been conceded by EPE – Elvis Presley Enterprise.

EAD International

  • First Restaurant Established in 1974. The flag restaurant has opened in 2009 in the State Concert Hall near the main avenue of Tbilisi;
  • 3 food stations in Georgia’s new amusement park “Mtatsminda Park”;
  • Next restaurant to be opened in 2011 in new shopping mall “Up Town Tbilisi”;
  • “Elvis American Diner” is in the process of designing the “Elvis City” drive-through restaurant;
  • Due to the popularity of EAD, local media has taken an increased interest in Elvis’ work on TV, radio and the internet.

Vision & Values

Vision & Values