Must Read: Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge

What a delicious article-0-05A86A230000044D-687_634x940 DollySisters_468x356 Dolly_Sisters Dolly_Sisters_onstageread this is. Part social history,part business bio, author16169879 Lindy Woodward’s finely detailed tale of Harry Gordon Selfridge was the inspiration for the Masterpiece series on PBS.


Lady Lavery

He was a merchant showman who  was drawn to spectacle and flamboyant harry-selfridge-610x578mistresses, most notably the Dolly Sisters,  twin gold diggers and compulsive gamblers whose reckless spending ultimately destroyed him. He died broke at 91, but it was a great and glamorous life that changed forever how we shopcaption. And yes, there reallythe dolly sisters 1927 - by james abbe 303px-TheRedRose 300px-Lavery_4953634059_c462240dd0_o was a Lady Lavery.