New Balenciaga Bio Reveals His Favorite Clients Were Short, Plump And Middle-Aged

f8733ff988df852bc105f5a35ecfc061Now that every great couturier that ever lived has been reduced
to being a coveted label inside the “It” bag contender for the season, it’s time to remember “The Master Of Us All “,¬† Cristobel Balenciaga before he was a purse.

Author img-masterofusalljpg_185428967798.jpg_article_singleimage-1Mary Blume, in her new book, The Master of Us All, Balenciaga: His Workrooms, His World, reports that Balenciaga was so private that bf6083ef04b9ccc4107f45b53b158c8819b2e977bc7df7147df82f1f439cc9e10b551360ba3898194ec2d45c6b941b2c417LGnpKNvL._SX225_2750c7a2710e9207371c558a7d588d27even his most notable¬† clients (Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Hutton) had never met him. Told through the eyes of his top vendeuse, Floret Chelot, the book reveals that “The women he really liked to dress, French or not, were oddly enough small, plump and middle-aged.¬† They were part of his experiments in sculpting form: ‘Monsieur likes a bit of a belly’ was the saying in the house. Their roly poly bodies told him how to confer, or to enhance, beauty.”