Only In New York: Housing Court and Bergdorf’s

Empire State Building 1946

If there are eight million stories in The Naked City, many of them end up in Housing Court, where the landlord/ tenant  (and crazy coop/condo) dance plays out in more than 300,000 cases a year. –more cases than in all the Federal courts combined.  Landlordrocknyc will try to give you a heads up on this uniquely NYC institution and landmark cases that seem important. (I’m not a lawyer, so please  consult yours if you have legal issues.)

The landlord/tenant dance via “Sunset Boulevard” VIDEO:

As for Bergdorf’s  and 21 and Central Park and a Mayor who doesn’t like our Coke and Pepsi habits

1940’s Coca Cola Poster

and penthouses that sell for a quarter of a billion and their decorators—well, that’s part of what rocks this town and is fun to cover. So I will– along with a few detours to Memphis to remember Elvis and other mementos from our  collective  cultural past. –Citizen K. , Landlordrocknyc


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