Anthony Weiner Tones It Down Below The Belt

Anthony Weiner stopped wearing his blazing trousers when the Syndey Leathers story broke. Since then he’s been Brooks Bro appropriate below the waist.  Even before the sexting scandal erupted, his duds were not well received: (Via NY Observer)

1375778718809.cachedThough Weiner’s spokeswoman, Barbara Morgan, told us at the time that “Anthony wants to lead the fashion capital of the world, so it’s no surprise that he would make fashion-forward trouser choices,” the candidate’s color choices may have been working against him. The Telegraph reported that men who wear red pants are the subject of “public distrust.” As Esquire put it: “The color red draws attention, and red pants, therefore, draw attention to your below-the-belt areas. And considering the man’s track record of inviting attention to that region, we think it’s best that he not do that.” New York called them “gay pants,” and to the Daily News, Weiner’s style was simply “bold-colored braggadocio.”


Hello Kitty: NYC Shuts Subway To Rescue Two Kittens

a8fa9c4a1b4ce51d3b0f6a7067008754 9225288_600x338 9223870_600x338Feel-good stories about the NYC Subway are rare and this one is as good as it gets. The fortunate felines, newly named August and Arthur,  are currently in a Brooklyn shelter and will be put up for adoption.

Via NY Daily News:

“Two kittens that shut down a New York City subway line for more than an hour have been found and rescued from the tracks.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Julie Glave says the kittens were discovered Thursday evening under the third rail of an above-ground express track in Brooklyn.

Glave says MTA workers and police officers removed the kittens in crates.

Earlier Thursday transit officials cut power to the B and Q lines in Brooklyn for more than an hour after reports the kittens were on the loose in the subway system.

Transit workers were dispatched onto the tracks to try to corral the kittens. And the kittens’ owner even tried using food to try to coax them out.”–NY Daily News

Mayor Mike And The E-Cig: Bloomberg’s Problem With Riskless Smoking

Riskless smoking is now cool and Bloomberg has a problem with it–proposing City Council legislation  that would regulate the e-cigs like tobacco. In Blooomberg speak, regulation likely = taxation. E-cigs are lifesavers for those who want to quit and the marketing is so savvy, non-smokers are even willing to give it a try. If Mike has his way,
E-smoking New Yorkers  will pay a lot more for their stop-smoking cure.  I’m not the seeing the logic here, since Bloomberg is famously

Cheryl Eisen Re-stages The Apthorp


Cheryl Eisen
Luxury Stager

apthorp26bp-1-web apthorp26bp-20-web apthorp26bp-16-web apthorp26bp-15-web apthorp26bp-13-web apthorp26bp-10-web apthorp26bp-12-webThis one is a wow. Unlike the obscenely expensive glass-walled, cold and industrial PH at One 57 for $90,000.000  (famous for the dangling Hurricane Sandy crane) , this $10 million dollar four bedroom at the Apthorp  feels like both a home and a trophy. Holding company JSR Capital snagged 40 units in 2006  during the landmark’s very troubled conversion to condo and is aggressively re-marketing the units for sale.

Bloomberg Without Pants: Not A Pretty Picture

RAFTING1-articleLargeMost pols look lousy in shorts (think Bill Clinton in his POTUS jogging days) and Mayor Mike is no exception. This shot of him promoting the pleasures of the Adirondacks390-raft-0722 with Andrew Cuomo reminds us just how much a good tailor (and suit)  can do for a 72 year old billionaire.

Landlordrocknyc Cheap Thrill: Half-Naked NYFD Firemen Return For Charity

Million Dollar Listing New York

Doulas Elliman Broker and former porn star,
Fredrik Eklund

The NYFD calendar is 934855_10151662347931019_17000860_n 390-fdny-0812back, for its second appearance since it was canceled in 2007 when one of  New York’s bravest and hottest  was revealed to have had a prior life in porn. A similar resume is enjoyed by Bravo’s  Million Dollar Listing New York’s Fredrick Eklund and he revels in his naughty past. So let’s revel in all this brave beefcake strutting for charity, $12.95.

Anthony Weiner’s Troubling Choice of Trousers

As the candidate’s spokesperson, Barbara Morgan, said in an e-mail: “Anthony wants to lead the fashion capital of the world, so it’s no surprise that he would make fashion forward trouser choices.”

Mr. Weiner has been everywhere and so have his brightly-colored trousers, seen in heavy rotation at the Gay Pride Parade and other campaign-worthy city events. 1372442494540.cached