This Is What 90 Million Looks Like Now: One57 And The Dangling, Dangerous Crane

The more than 1,000 people who were evacuated from surrounding buildings on Monday were given little guidance on Tuesday as to when they would be able to return to their homes and places of business.

“This is what 90 million looks like” via New York Magazine, Urban Living, (Written Before The Deluge of Sandy):

“One57 is sharp, vertiginous. Where 15 CPW sought to blend into its surroundings, One57 seems determined to stand out—it looms over the drab commercial buildings and hotels on West 58th not so much like a waterfall, as the French architect Christian de Portzamparc has it, but as a gleaming, tumescent phallus…”

…Because let’s be clear: Although Extell is happy to open the doors of One57 to old Manhattan money—in fact, three residents of 15 CPW are reportedly interested in jumping ship for One57—the building is not really for New Yorkers. It has been built for the fresh-faced global elite and their riptide of foreign money, which swirls every month out of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and straight into New York City.

Very tall (rendering makes her look like eight feet) , model-looking woman in a One57 bedroom. She is reading a book, not a Kindle.

And foreign buyers don’t want old. They don’t want lived-in. They want new. They want glass. They want steel. Or, as someone involved with the construction of One57 puts it, ‘Flash matters far more than tradition'”…NY Magazine

Snidley Whiplash via Jay Ward Productions

(Landlordrocknyc Opinion): Remember, Snidley Whiplash (aka Gary Barnett & Extell), all of these much-hyped mega-million dollar “sales” at your “Billiionaires’ Building” are only in contract .  Your big buck buyers could back out before One57 closes in 2013 now that the show-off luster of the building is literally gone with the wind. (Like Lev Leviev, Barnett was also a diamond dealer.)  Your company’s callous regard for the safety of others kinda makes me hope they do walk away. Turns out that serious violations are old news at the construction site, as are preferential tax breaks meant for low-income New Yorkers.–Landlordrocknyc

 Crane Collapse Building Has Received Numerous Complaints–Time Newsfeed


“Stormy Weather” (The Movie, 1943); Grand Central Station Unplugged For Sandy, 2012

Cab Calloway, Fats Waller, Lena Horne, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, The Nicholas Brothers. Zoot Suits and all that jazz from the movie, “Stormy Weather.” (VIDEOS):

Meet Miss Subways: New York’s Beauty Queens 1941-76, A New Exhibit

“Native New Yorker”, by Odyessy ,  1977 (VIDEO):

It was all so simple then. Generations of NYC straphangers (without benefit of air-conditioning or Facebook) “liked” their fave Miss Subways Postergirl Finalist by snail mail postcard. Imagine the Twitter/social media P.R. ruckus such a contest would generate today. I suspect it would be a reality show.


“It was an ad campaign conceived as eye candy to bring attention to other advertisements in New York’s transit system. But the “Meet Miss Subways” beauty contest posters of pretty young New York women and their aspirations quickly evolved into a popular and even groundbreaking fixture that ran for 35 years, from 1941 to 1976.

When photographer Fiona Gardner first learned about it she “immediately wanted to know what happened to all the women.”

She set out to find out.

The result is “Meet Miss Subways: New York’s Beauty Queens 1941-76,” an exhibition at the New York Transit Museum running Oct. 23-March 25, and a companion book of the same name.

Landlordrocknyc Design: Inside Naomi Campbell’s Russian Spaceship Home

Call home Naomi, but please don’t hit your housekeeper with the phone as you’ve been known to do in the past. At over 28,000 square feet, this Moscow launch pad is a 21st Century Taj Mahal tribute to a man’s lady love,  Russian billionaire style. That is, if the word “style” is appropriate here. Yikes!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Russian Trophy Property built by
Vladimir Doronin for Naomi Campbell

From New York Magzine’s The Cut:

“Gizmoto reports that the Zaha Hadid–designed, and Russian Real Estate Developer Vladimir Doronin

Billionaire Moscow Developer Vladimir Doronon

–commissioned house in Moscow, dubbed the Capital Hill Residence, is “almost done.” The description from Hadid’s website(where you can also see photos):

Located on the north-face hillside in Barvikha where pine and birch trees grow up to 20 metres high, a villa with fluid geometries emerges from the landscape. Its programme is divided into two components: one merging with the hillside, another floating above the ground with dynamic views overlooking the forest.

Or, as Gizmodo puts it, “The stunning 28,524-square-foot (2,650-square-meter) mansion feels like a smoothed Star Destroyer, with two 65-foot (20-meter) towers as the ship’s bridge.” Among the amenities: a gym, a Finnish spa, and an “indoor swimming pool that can reportedly turn into a dance floor,” according to the Daily Mail. The paper of record also notes that Doronin bought a vacation house for Campbell last year, which “is situated on one of Turkish islands has 25 rooms and is shaped like an Egyptian eye.” We’ll let you visualize that one.”–The Cut

The Way They Were: Bardot and Harley Davidson In The 1960s

Asked what the best day of her life was, she answered, “It was a night”.

I have stilll not forgiven PETA for rejecting BB’s offer to pose nude (in 1994, at age 60) for their “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” advocacy ad campaign. “Ageist” and “sexist” are not strong enough words for that call
or the snarky comments  all over the net because Bardot’s  been brave enough to age naturally–wrinkles, weight gain and all! So here’s to Brigitte,
sex symbol, style icon

Bardot And Jane Birken

and animal activist before it was cool:

Bardot & Harley Davidson (1968) (VIDEO):


Bardot and Sacha Distel

“I have always adored beautiful young men.
Just because I grow older, my taste doesn`t change.
So if I can still have them, why not?”
`I gave my beauty and youth to men, and now I am giving my wisdom and experience, the best of me, to animals.“

Landlordrocknyc Design: Why Microsoft,You’re Beautiful! But New Surface Tablet Software Lacks Brains–NYTimes

I love the irony of Microsoft going all gorgeous on us, but losing the
actual software plot with the release of their tablet contender, Surface. Here, with his  famously nerdy (and always very bad, signature $7 haircut),  Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his very funny 2008  retirement video:  Cameos by Obama, Hillary, Gore, Clooney, Bono, Spielberg…(VIDEO):

From David Pogue’s NYT review:

“How would you like to move into a stunning mansion on a bluff overlooking the sea — in Somalia? Or would you like the chance to own a new Ferrari — that has to be refueled every three miles? Would you take a job that pays $1 million a year — cutting football fields with toenail clippers?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Surface tablet has a 10.6-inch screen with a Touch Cover, attached by magnets, that contains a full keyboard.

That’s the sort of choice Microsoft is asking you to make with the spectacularly designed, wildly controversial Surface tablet.

Now, for the very first tablet it has ever manufactured (in fact, its very first computer), Microsoft could have just made another iPad ripoff. But it aimed much higher. It wanted to build a tablet that’s just as good at creating work as it is at organizing it.

On the hardware front, Microsoft has succeeded brilliantly. Read the specs and try not to drool on your keyboard…” NYT

Does The Pope Tweet? (VIDEO):

Notable Books: Hedy’s Folly, The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr,The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Who knew? That one of the people to blame (or thank) for our wireless,  always inter-connected world, was inventor Hedy Lamarr. The Viennese-born movie star  and legendary beauty never profited from her patent and died broke in Florida in 1999 at 86,  having been arrested twice for shoplifting–once in 1991 for  stealing  only eye drops and a laxative.

“On a recent evening, sitting home alone suffering and brooding about my treatment at the police station because of an incident in a department store, and being replaced by Zsa Zsa Gabor in a motion picture (imagine how that pleased the ego!) I figured out that I had made – and spent – some thirty million dollars. Yet earlier that day I had been unable to pay for a sandwich at Schwab’s drug store.”–Hedy Lamar, 1966 from her memoir,  “Ecstasy & Me”

An editorial review of Hedy’s Folly, written by Pulitzer-Prize winning author Richard Rhodes :

“Here’s a recipe that might surprise you: take a silver-screen sex goddess (Hedy Lamarr), an avant-garde composer (George Antheil), a Hollywood friendship, and mutual technological curiosity, and mix well. What results is a patent for spread-spectrum radio, which has impacted the development of everything from torpedoes to cell phones and GPS technologies. This surprising and long-forgotten story is brought to life by Pulitzer Prize winner Rhodes (The Making of the Atomic Bomb), who deftly moves between Nazi secrets, scandalous films, engineering breakthroughs, and musical flops to weave a taut story that straddles two very different worlds—the entertainment industry and wartime weaponry—and yet somehow manages to remain a delectable read.   Hedy Lamarr is experiencing something of a renaissance, and Rhodes’s book adds another layer to the life of a beautiful woman who was so much more than the sum of her parts. It will appeal to a wide array of readers, from film, technology, and patent scholars to those looking for an unusual romp through World War II–era Hollywood.”—Teri S…

Hey There, Deliah”  by the Plain White T’s, (VIDEO):