Will The Bieber Brat Be Prosecuted by L. A. Sherriff?

TMZ is reporting that the the L.A.  Sherriff is recommending  that the pop idol be prosecuted for criminal battery after spitting on a neighbor and threatening to kill him. Turns out that the father of 3, who has lived in the gated community for 10 years,  was not too happy about JB’s dangerous driving habits–namely doing 100 mph inside the gates. article-2301486-18B61028000005DC-632_634x477-1

The alleged confrontation took place after Justin’s Ferrari had arrived at his home on a flatbed truck at around 8am in the gated community.

Apparently he said, ‘Get the f**k out of here. I’m gonna f**king kill you,’ at the same time projecting saliva onto his face.

He claims the star was whizzing around at about 100 mph while other dwellers also support that his speed was excessive.

While sources connected to Justin’s security team claim there was no physical contact between the singer and the victim, the neighbor has filed a battery report and apparently wants the teenager prosecuted without backing down.


So This Nerdy Rich Guy Asked Katie Holmes To The Prom…

I can’t help it. I have a thing for pics of 11-1 34 7Mike Bloomberg glomming on to younger, taller women. Here is his latest ‘wallflower at the orgy’appearance snapped at the New York Observer’s 25th Anniversary Bash.

Plus,  two other billionaire beauties who wouldn’t get any babes at all if they were broke–Ron Perlman and Donald Trump. (Though some of us are old enough to remember when both boys came dangerously close to losing it all.) Their get out of debt strategy back in the day? Being too big to fail.

The Way We Were: Old New York And The Easter Parade


It’s probably2oldeaster0313 9oldeaster0313 7oldeaster0313 4aoldeaster0313 5oldeaster0313 8oldeaster0313 12oldeaster0313 just as well that the Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue has essentially vanished as few would enjoy seeing hipsters in knit hats and fedoras (who only have eyes for their I-phones)  stroll the avenue on a sunny Sunday in New York.

It wasn’t always thus. Remembering Old New York 14oldeaster031311oldeaster03134oldeaster0313and The Easter Parade:

Yesterday’s Blonde: The High-Wasp Perfection of C.Z. Guest

tumblr_mhzn25r2761qe37dpo1_500With her best-of-breed 51BxugYJcJL hbz-czguest-style-5-de-97920207 hbz-czguest-style-6-de-32304799 hbz-czguest-style-9-de-2111559blonde beauty and debutante goes wild (to a point) past, C. Z. Guest was Daisy Buchanan without the dark side. In later years we knew her as a best-selling garden guru and author, but like Grace Kelly she was born to the life Ralph Lauren creates for the rest of us.

A socialite wouldn’t be sexy without a bit of rebellion. C. Z.posed nude for Diego Rivera. (Her husband’s family bought the painting to absorb the shock. ) Like Gloria Vanderbilt, she had a short,showy fling with Hollywood, hoping “to be just successful enough as an actress  to get thrown out of the social register”. It was not hbz-czguest-style-13-de-58349589 hbz-czguest-style-14-de-91751527-1 hbz-czguest-style-10-de-90643766 hbz-czguest-style-7-de-6369349to  be.

A new book, C. Z,Guest, American Style Icon,  by Susanna Salk, chronicles the visually stunning life of this classic American beauty, her Long Island home ,Templeton. (Can a name be any more Wasp-ish? ) and her gardens. Like Babe Paley and chic surviviour Gloria Vanderbilt, Guest had a personal flair that was uniquely her own. From CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-1-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-2-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-3-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-4 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-6-1-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-7-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-9-1the simple clean Mainbocher clothes to the surprise of leopard-pattern carpet underfoot at home, she did  glamour in a comfortable, born with it, American way.  Ralph wouldn’t be Ralph if C. Z. hadn’t done it first.

Meet My Match: Ooops! Millionaire Matchmaker’s Guy Has Troubled Past

 I guess love is blind to background checks and other precautions you’d expect as part of the  high-end matchmaker’s process, but the news ain’t great for David Kruase. The 41-year old ex baseball player turned mortgage broker has a messy, relationship past that includes a 2007  restraining order filed by an ex-girlfriend and some funny business re: his child support payments from a previous marriage, The National Enquirer broke the story. Sanger, 51 has never been married and the couple are talking about adoption. A little due diligence  before monogamy might have been in order, Patti.

“During David_Krause_Patti_Stanger-490x367his 2002 divorce, the father of two was accused of trying to shortchangestanger_stry his ex-wife of child support – and in 2007, he was hit with a domestic violence charge by his former fiancée

In 2007, David was on the re­ceiving end of a domestic violence restraining order which required him to stay at least 100 yards away from former fiancee Erin Futterer and her then-11-year-old daughter.

In her application for the order, Erin said David was “not stable” and was “verbally and emotionally abusive.” She also provided e-mails in which David admitted he’d been diagnosed with “a mental condi­tion” that required him to take medication to “stabi­lize” his mood swings.

WHILE DAVID DID NOT actually strike Erin, she stated: “I have no idea what he is capable of doing and I am afraid for my daughter and me…Bottom line is: I am scared of him.”

And that wasn’t the first time David had relationship troubles. According to court documents ob­tained by The ENQUIRER, David’s ex-wife, Diane, alleged during their 2002 divorce that he “failed to care for” their two young children dur­ing overnight visits and “didn’t have them groomed and ready for school in the morning.”

What’s worse, the documents, which were filed in California’s Or­ange County Superior Court, imply that David was trying to work a lesser-paying job to circumvent a large child support payment. “[David] should not be allowed to change his employment, re­ducing his income from $7,000 per month to an alleged $2,500 to the detriment of the support  of his children,” Diane stated.

A judge eventually cleared him of the allegations, ruling that he had NOT “intentionally depressed income in order to shrink his pa­rental responsibility to support his children.”–National Enquirer

Is This The End Of Civilization As We Know It? : The $91,500 Crocodile T-Shirt At Hermes

A croc t-shirt? tshirt-e1364215567405hermes28n-1-web-1It doesn’t exactly seem like it would be as comfortable as your basic cotton Hanes (or Calvin Klein if you want to be upscale about it) . But I guess comfort is not the point of something this ridiculous. Call me madcap, but the shirt  looks hot and sweaty –as if he’s actually wearing faux croc made from vinyl or something else that’s unnatural and  doesn’t breathe.

What Are You Worth? : Storage Wars Star Barry Weiss To Host Own Show On AE

He’s the geriatric heart throb of Storage Wars with his playful wit, Jack Nicholson delivery, silver fox hair and all those boy toys (aka the best and craziest custom cars in L.A) . Now starcasm.com is reporting there are casting notices for a Barry Weiss spin-off on A & E.  No word BTW, re: the lawsuit and departure of the “Yuup!” man, former cast member Dave Hester.

Via: Starcasm


Barry Weiss’ Beverly Hills Home

Barry-WeissStorage Wars is taking over reality television! We posted earlier today that the popular A&E series was expanding into New York City and Miami, but those may not be the only new Storage Wars inspired shows coming to the small screen soon. The same casting company that posted the casting call for Storage Wars New York and Storage Wars Miami last April later asked for potential families in need of $5,000 – $15,000 for a show titled “What Are You Worth?” featuring barry-weiss-beatnik-backend-600x371 Barry-Weiss-beatnik-gary-chopit-600x297 barry-weiss-cadillac-600x450 barry-weiss-coe-truck-600x450 barry-weiss-driving-deco-liner barry-weiss-moto-guzzi Barry Weiss!

Here’s a Facebook post made by Metal Flowers Media in August of 2011:

FAMILIES: Need 15K???? We want to hear why. We are looking for families who have a compelling need for some extra money: daughters wedding? Son training for the Olympics? Wife wants to open that bakery since Dad is retired? Tell us!

That was followed by this wall post about two-and-a-half weeks later:

Still looking for families to appear in “What Are You Worth”, featuring Barry Weiss from Storage Wars. Why do you need 5k – 15k??!! Apply now…

It appears that they were hoping to keep Barry Weiss’ name a secret, but were having difficulty getting applicants so decided to use his name to attract more folks.

The show is listed as “What are You Worth featuring Barry Weiss” on the Metal Flowers Media website and A&E is listed as the network.