Cheryl Eisen Re-stages The Apthorp


Cheryl Eisen
Luxury Stager

apthorp26bp-1-web apthorp26bp-20-web apthorp26bp-16-web apthorp26bp-15-web apthorp26bp-13-web apthorp26bp-10-web apthorp26bp-12-webThis one is a wow. Unlike the obscenely expensive glass-walled, cold and industrial PH at One 57 for $90,000.000  (famous for the dangling Hurricane Sandy crane) , this $10 million dollar four bedroom at the Apthorp  feels like both a home and a trophy. Holding company JSR Capital snagged 40 units in 2006  during the landmark’s very troubled conversion to condo and is aggressively re-marketing the units for sale.


Landlordrocknyc Cheap Thrill: Half-Naked NYFD Firemen Return For Charity

Million Dollar Listing New York

Doulas Elliman Broker and former porn star,
Fredrik Eklund

The NYFD calendar is 934855_10151662347931019_17000860_n 390-fdny-0812back, for its second appearance since it was canceled in 2007 when one of  New York’s bravest and hottest  was revealed to have had a prior life in porn. A similar resume is enjoyed by Bravo’s  Million Dollar Listing New York’s Fredrick Eklund and he revels in his naughty past. So let’s revel in all this brave beefcake strutting for charity, $12.95.

Missing Michael Lorber: Million Dollar Listing’s So Slick It’s Smarmy

0715d3a4311fb5e4fdd16dfefe2e25c0watchwhathappensliveseason6651gal11 Now that michael-lorber-million-dollar-listing 0812stubbs5Michael Lorber bowed out for Season 2 of Million Dollar Listing NY,  taking his great shoes and Nice Jewish Boy Next Door charm with him, we’re left with too much hustle and not enough humor  as in, ‘they’re ain’t any’.

Now, all three of these guys are the guy mdlny1your mother warned you about. Watching them slither through deals and life in $3,000 suits is fun, but I miss Michael. He’s funny, not tall, just Nebish-y enough and has brains and bucks, making him more the quintessential New York power dude  than a David Beckham look-alike. (Think Mike Bloomberg). This season, the show is colder, the stakes higher and the listings more expensive –increasingly branding the city as a billionaire’s playground.  I now  prefer  L. A.’s version  and Grandma Flagg.Edith

Sonja Morgan’s Townhouse: If At First It Doesn’t Sell, Raise The Price

Real New York Housewife Sonja Morgan, the former San Pietro restaurant hostess who,  in the grand  tradition of “socialites” everywhere, nabbed a john-Morgan1much older (30+ years) and much richer hubby, is trying again. It seems the bankrupt blonde divorcee owes nearly $20 million in debt including a judgment for a movie deal gone sour and has re-listed  her UES 5 bedroom townhouse. Will the third time be the charm or have all those busted toilet jokes on RHONY ruined the house’s rep forever?  Lackluster decor and a tired, almost thrift shop vibe don’t help.

Via Curbed:

“162 East 63rd Streetmorgan-pic-final 440x660-1 440x660-2 440x660-3 440x660-4 440x660, a five-story, single-family Lenox Hill townhouse, is on its third brokerage in four years, but it’s back to a familiar price point. Purchased by its current LLC-shielded owner for $9.1 million in 1998, the house was renovated and put back on the market a decade later for $12 million. Nobody bit, so it was delisted and returned the following year for $9.25 million, then spent another year getting chopped all the way down to $7.25 million before being delisted once again. Now it’s back again for $9,950,000, making this both a PriceChopper and a PriceUpper. It doesn’t appear that any further renovations have been done since the the original 2008 listing, but now that the market has recovered, its chances of finding a buyer should increase significantly. The only mystery here is what possessed the owners to pay $9.1 million for a 4,500-square-foot, un-renovated Lenox Hill townhouse in 1998.”

What $25,000 A Month Buys You In Brooklyn

64170_50122 64170_50128The borough’s most expensive rental is a 5,300 sq. ft former stable with four bedrooms and 4 baths  in Cobble Hill. 64170_50123 64170_50124 64170_50125 64170_50121 64170_50126 64170_50127 64170_50129It’s pretty spiffy with a living wall
that takes the idea of a tree growing in Brooklyn to another level.

Brooklyn is now the second most expensive place to live in the U.S. and unlike most Manhattanites, Brooklyn boys and girls actually have cars and know how to drive them.

Don’t plan on living here if you smoke but it’s ok to bring your pooch.

Martin Zweig’s Penthouse At The Pierre: $125 Million, Needs Work

When the late investor and Wall Street pundit ZWEIG1-obit-articleInlineMartin Zweig bought the Pierre triplex in 1999 for $21.5, it set a record as the city’s most expensive pad. Zweig’s heirs are selling the place (he died in February) and the apartment  once again is  Gotham’s highest priced at $125,000.000. It’s a cash only co-op and there’s a board to impress. 0018837-1 0018837-2 0018837-3 0018837-4As impressive as it is, the space is way too traditional and hotel-y and just aching for a makeover. Or at least some really savvy staging. The original Pierre ballroom is included,  which is its own interesting design challenge for the multi-million dollar decorator who will ultimately get the gig. No kitchen or bathroom shots which suggest they are dated deal breakers but then again at this level, buyers can afford the redo.

Via The Sotheby’s Listing:

“The penthouse located at The Pierre Hotel encompasses the entire 41st, 42nd, and 43rd floors. 0018837-5 0018837-9Beautiful 360-degree views of Manhattan are found in this incomparable property. The Penthouse is located within one of the world’s greatest hotels. It is the triplex penthouse at The Pierre, a residence that will forever remain without peer in Manhattan.

The Residence encompasses 16 grand rooms. The living room is considered the most 0018837-6 0018837-8 0018837-7magnificent privately owned room in the world. This elegant space includes the original ball room at The Pierre Hotel. There are four adjoining terraces, five master bedrooms, 6 full baths and three half- baths, five working fireplaces, separate guest suites plus staff accommodations. Off the main entrance are the penthouse’s secondary interior stairs, private elevator, main kitchen, and staff bedroom with bath. There is an interior elevator, and two designated staff members provide maid service.”

Chelsea Clinton And Mark buy $10.5 Million Condo On Madison Park: The Whitman’s 15 Minutes Of Fame

There are now four famous Whitmans: Poet 002Walt ; Mr. Potato Head Exec Turned Luckiest Start-up CEO ever (eBay) MegCOLORBANNER  ; Dick (Don Draper’s not his real name) WhitmanEbay Celebrates 10th Annivesary At eBay Live! Conference of Mad Men shame; and a reclaimed fabric showroom and plumbing union headquarters on Madison Park newly annointed as the future condo home of chelsea-clinton-320Chelsea and Mark.

According to the New York Observer:

“The The-Whitman-01Whitman, at 12 East 26th Street, is just the kind of old-fashioned with lots of new-fangled bellsclinton15n-2-web clinton15n-3-web clinton15n-4-web clinton15n-5-web and whistles luxury product that has had buyers frothing at the mouth these days. To wit, 15 Central Park West, 18 Gramercy Park and 135 East 79th Street. A brand new or gut-renovated building molded into classically-styled condos on a Park is a fail-safe residential development play in Manhattan. No one relishes dealing with the awkwardness of kitchenside maids’ rooms pre remodeling job or blue hairs on a co-op board. Nor is townhouse living for everyone. Ditto industrial chic—a painfully played out trend if we ever saw one. Especially not those who have spent eight of their formative years living in the uber-traditional White House.”–New York Observer

The $5,000 square foot apartment has  four bedrooms, 6½ bathrooms, a home office, media room and a family room that overlooks the park, according to the Post. The five-story building features an apartment on each floor with a keypad elevator for privacy and security.

With the help of British Designer Kelly HoppenKelly-Hoppen-profile_317x293_HR_galerias_rooms_superior_01 Kelly-Hoppen2-Bar-Marfil-1 via+flikr hoppen500x370 who did the finishes, The Whitman  beautifully  blends  clean modernism with “Yes, It’s Worth The Money” New York glamour. She is known for loving beige, designing for the Beckhams  and having a comfortably opulent style.