The Way We Were: Fashion’s Night Out In The U.S. Is No More

Fashion Night Out, 57th & 5th

Fashion Night Out, Bergdorf Goodman NYC,  57th & 5th

Being Likeable on Facebook4fc4062d0e3fac5a3474b769d549e838 244bec4760ae5d2d8f7aef11d1c508e7 d9e61f2da7fa88a59df9b43fd9500b19 932de24717f851c2aa1c7fc8b91c1dda 2210243e04c5da5639f3960599cd46c4 or trending big on Twitter doesn’t always equate to bucks at the cash register. Marketers weasel their way out of disappointing ROI analysis  by citing  ‘engagement’ as the upside of it all and trotting out the old saw that the way to talk to customers is so different now yada yada, yada. ‘Experiential’  is the fancy new buzz word stand in for the term  ‘special events’  and Fashion’s  Night Out has been  the big enchilada  event in New York since 2009.  The biggest block party in town concept spread to 500 U.S. cities and 30 overseas.

Four years later, FNO is no more, at least in the U.S.A. The reason for what is euphamistically called a  ‘hiatuis” ? It cost a lot of dough and no one made any. The big players didn’t need the P.R. and emerging brands didn’t get any. Yes, It was fun while it lasted,  but despite what your social media guru tells you, Steven Kolb is wrong. Retail success is measured by numbers and this Anna Wintour endorsed  big night on the town ultimately
did not add up.

Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of the CFDA, when asked if FNO was a big money maker, Kolb replied: “I don’t think the success of it was measured onlyb85438c4b058a1591468a42106ccbf24 e6086c727d7ebda08c303ed9b6a8b8a9 by numbers or money, but was really about engagement.…Everyone feels we had a great four years. It brought a lot of attention to retail, to fashion’s important place in retail. Everyone feels really proud of what we accomplished, and excited to take those lessons and continuing them throughout the year.”


John Lautner’s Mushroom House For Bob Hope in Palm Springs: $50 Million


John Lautner was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright.
He designed the Elrod Residence which is also in Palm Springs, California.

Who knew that old-school, Old Hollywood couple 25exlu-c-popup 25-Exclu-1-popup 25-EXCLU-span-articleLargeBob and Delores Hope had a thing for modernist homes?  Hope made tons of dough buying California  real estate and this Lautner designed  six bedroom, 23, 366 sq. ft.  was one of three they owned in Palm Springs. Designed in 1973, it was completed in 1980 and described by the NYTimes  as having  ” three visor like arches and an undulating concrete roof, a hole at its center opening a courtyard to the sky


Exterior, Bob Hope House by John Lautner,
Palm Springs, $50 Million

“Noticeably absent from the listing photos are interior shots—as is often the case with properties as storied as this—but the Times offers details about what lurks within those glassy walls: a “boulder jutting into the living room,” which was part of Lautner’s original plan, plus traces of the Hopes’ design decisions, like “a Rousseau-like mural on the back wall of the bar,” that eventually caused the architect to bid sayonara (amicably, as it goes) to the project. (In aiming to make the interiors “more livable,” Dolores changed the layout so many times that Bob “used to say every time he went away he needed a road map to get back through his house,” of their daughters recalls.) Outside: putting greens, a tennis court, a pool, and a pond. “-Curbed LA

What $37 Million Buys In The South Of France: Villa in Cap D’Antibes

Antibes3_Pano 2-1 3_Pano 3_RS37803_120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-8-16x10--BSR4500-scr 3_RS40894_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-25-scr-1

Cap d’Antibes, France cote d’ Azur, $37,000,000

Bedrooms: 7

Full bathrooms: 7

Lot size: 12,916

Square feet: 8,611 sq ft

Year built: 1930

Soethby’s International

Gerard DepardieuG-rard-Depardieu-gerard-depardieu-23679203-266-319 gerard-ap-photo-roberto-pfeil 3_RS37809_120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-11-16x10--BSR4500-scr 3_RS40915_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-35-16x10-scr 3_RS40910_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-33-scr 3_RS40298_120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-6-BSR4500-scr 3_RS40927_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-41-16x10-scr 3_RS40931_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-43-16x10-scr 3_RS40940_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-48-scrhas taken off for Moscow and the 13% flat Russian tax rate. With a 75% top tax rate proposed for the future, even national French treasures like BardotBrigitte+Bardot+2 are making noises about relocation. Look for more lush trophy spots in France to hit the market as more favorable tax havens beckon.

Anne Hathaway’s Morning After The Oscars Look Was Truly Miserable

There’s been  much ado about Hathaway’s  too boyish hair cut, panti-less paparazzi limo shot a few months ago and the anne-hathaway-2013-oscars-makeup-jewelry anne-hathaway-oscars-2013-fashion-disaster anne-hathaway-prada-side-revealing-dress-2013-oscars anne-hathaway-revealing-prada-pink-dress-2013-oscars 85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals unfortunate bust darts of her last-minute decision pink  Prada gown. Maison Valentino could not have been pleased as only hours before they had confirmed her choice of a Valentino gown  for the event. Ooops!  According to  British Vogue, the actress’ publicist issued an apology.

Fast forward to the morning after and a truly unfortunate sighting in Beverly Hills. Maybe it’s all as simple as the actress having horrible taste. She wouldn’t be the first major movie  star to lack the style gene. Think Liz Taylor or Merryl Streep or Jane Fonda and Oscar ceremonies in the pre-stylist days. Calling Rachel Zoe…

Anne and America’s New Sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence,  Getting Hit On by Jack NicholsoAnne-Hathaway-Casual-Clothes-Business-Meeting-Brentwood-CA-02262013-4-435x580n (VIDEO):

From Vogue UK:

“Confusion first arose when Maison Valentino released a statement only hours before the red carpet began, confirming that they were to be dressing the actress in a couture gown – as well as Jennifer Aniston and Sally Field. However, when Hathaway arrived at the Dolby Theatre, it quickly became apparent that she was wearing a pale pink Prada column dress. She told press: “I didn’t know what I was wearing until two hours ago. I tried on a lot of dresses, but at the end of the day, I loved the simplicity of it.”

“It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars

Amanda Seyfried's McQueen Oscar Gown That Was Too 'Similar' to Hathaway's Planned Valentino

Amanda Seyfried’s McQueen Oscar Gown That Was Too ‘Similar’ to Hathaway’s Planned Valentino

that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans,” said Hathaway. “Though I love the dress I did wear, it was a difficult last-minute decision as I had so looked forward to wearing Valentino in honour of the deep and meaningful relationship I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply regret any disappointment caused.”

Pope: Still O.K. To Wear White After Labor Day, But No Go On The Red Shoes

Vatican officials have announced that the Pope Emeritus Benedikt  can still wear white year round  once he’s unemployed,  but must fore go the red footwear. It is rumored that he’s taken with a pair of brown loafers given to him in Mexico,  so don’t expect to see His Holiness PEB  ordering any bespoke  red-soled Louboutins anytime soon. pope081239--300x450-1

No Magic of Macy’s For Martha On Centre Street: The Macy’s , JCP, Martha Stewart Trial Is On

Last week, loud tie and suit purveryor Donald Trump was having a notice–me hissy fit threatening a $25 million  lawsuit against  Dump Trump At Macy’s activist Angelo Carusone.

112012_martha_update_fth_feature_bnr1_1078953 628x471

This week, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren and Martha Stewart face off in court. At issue, is the exclusiveity of Martha’s deal with Macy’s to sell branded cookware, bedding and other Marthaesque  home stuff.

Somehow, JC Penney on its continuing road to customer confusion and declining sales, took a stake in Stewart’s company and planned to open Stewart boutiques in-store.

a6c5488578b80982bffc752a30e6742f e330fcc51e1966c8efdeaa43b1e6d98e dc3eff7a0ce578d0cd1e905d3f561977 260782e0ff517833944d0a3264f95f47The future of all of it hinges on a  loophole in the agreement with Macy’s. “It’s a provision that allows Martha Stewart to sell goods in categories like bedding in Martha Stewart Living’s own stores.

According to Martha Stewart, because the Macy’s agreement doesn’t say the goods under dispute can be sold “only in “stand-alone” stores, the mini shops within J.C. Penney stores do not fall under the exclusive agreement.

Macy’s Inc., based in Cincinnati, disagrees. Lundgren argues that a typical definition of a store is that it has a parking lot or is part of a mall.”

Is it me or should Mr. Lundgren  please tell his lawyers that internet stores do count. (Macy’s is Whopper-sized and does not have a parking lot.)

He testified that he hung up on Stewart when she called to tell him she was no longer monogamously Macy’s. The two friends have not spoken since. JCP is a mess as we know, so the billions in play here legally are very significant to all parties.

I did check. Macy’s still sells Martha and the stuff is kind of wonderful.

Everyone’s favorite mean girl with mother issues is Martha’s daughter, Alexis who had a show a few seasons back,  making fun of Mom: “Whatever Martha”.

Merryl Should Wear Prada: Streep’s Red Carpet Hall of Shame

2010-Oscars-Meryl-Streep 238002-meryl-streep-at-the-2000-oscars 6878868837_2c905385ce_b meryl-streep-maxmara-women-in-film-crystal-lucy-awards julia-juila-la-premiere-meryl-streepO.K.,somebody’s got to say it. Our greatest living screen actress has horrible taste in red carpet finery . A case could be made for her being above all that and  for artistic integrity being more important than the frivolity of fashion but she consistently brings out the Stacy London”What Not To Wear” gene in me.  There’s a little empresses’ new clothes thing going on with her, 85th Annual Academy Awards - Show meryl-streep-oscars-2012-dress meryl-streep-maxmara-women-in-film-crystal-lucy-awards meryl-streep-iron-lady-european-premiere Meryl-Streep-in-Vivienne-Westwood-2012-SAG-Awards Meryl-Streep_dress_500 because even the bitchiest fashion wags say nothing about some of these unflattering, overly draped get-ups. But she does look lovely in that black bustier number from a few seasons ago.article-2100138-11B38CEC000005DC-54_470x732

And a dishonorable mention to jane-fonda-85th-annual-oscars-03Jane Fonda, hardly Mellow Yellow in this electric Versace Party Like It’s 1999 wide-shouldered throwback. It’s pretty obvious which of the Old Guard won’t spring for Rachel Zoe or Brad.

Donovan Mellow Yellow 1966

Prince 1999